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    Default Avatar/graphics shop Rules: ALL MUST READ

    1) All graphics must be original - you may not use other members' images or images from other sites that have not been properly credited. If the original creator of the graphic is not known and the graphic appears to be commonly distributed, do not take credit for it.

    You must also not use graphics that you do not have permission to use. It is ultimately your responsibility to find out a graphics specific term of use. If you have ANY doubt, please check with me.

    2) You may have one graphics shop ONLY - you may only create another thread when your first reaches 1000 posts. If you open a duplicate thread, all of your shops will be closed and you will not be allowed to have a graphics thread. If you chose to open up a shop with a friend, that is counted as your one thread. You cannot have one solo thread and one with a partner. Consequently, if you have partners in a shop, you must drop out of that shop in order to have one of your own.

    If your shop closes due to inactivity, you must ask a staff member to reopen it as opposed to starting a new thread.

    3) No rude behavior will be tolerated - graphic shoppers must be patient and never rush a shop owner.

    4) Do not advertise your shop on another shop or any thread here on FRI. The only place you can advertise it is in you signature.

    5) We do not allow hotlinking on FRI. When you see a graphic on here or any other website, that image is hosted somewhere and uses that site's "bandwidth" to display the graphic. If you copy the link location of a graphic then paste it in your post as an image, you're using the other site's bandwidth to display it on FreeRealmsInsider. This is called hotlinking (also called "stealing bandwidth"). This can sometimes cause performance issues for both websites.

    Your choices are to upload the image to FRI (you are restricted how much bandwidth you get to use on here) or to host the image somewhere else like your own website or an image hosting account like Photobucket, ImageCave or TinyPic. Display your images wisely and considerately to each individual website and the internet community at large.

    6) If your shop is found in violation of any of these rules, it will be closed and you will not be able to open it again.
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