ok Welcome to my amazing siggy and aviggy shop made just for free realms

Lets start out with afew rules
I cant be everywhere at once so Ill pm you when your siggy or aviggy is finished
If you a mamber of my guild in freerealms your orders get done first guild treat

Ok lets get right to it

Slide shows

Theme of the slideshow:
Desc of pics [up to 4]
Anything else?

Changeing slideshow
Theme of slideshow:
Desc of pics up to 2:
star circle or hearts?

Red blue or purple:

Front or back view:
Black or white[or any other color]

Top text:
2ed text:
card color:

top line:
bottom line:

Siggy or aviggy:
Line 1 text
line 2 text
line 3 text
backround color:

I will post a long pickup post after afew orders or i will just post 1 pickup