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    Default Re: Whats The Strongest Ninja Weapon And Where Do I Get It?

    First off it depends in a duel to counter your enemies sword such as an example:

    soulblade (PLYER1)

    shadow ninjas (PLYER2)

    the soulblade wins because it heals you more when there are more enemies in a single round and since the shadow ninjas do have health bars you will be safe.

    now the mystical ninja blade DOUBLES your damage and wont be of much use against the shadow ninjas you will defeat them but you will have low health left.

    BUT If your dueling someone with a soul blade you will damage them faster then they can heal.

    Three strongest in coin shop are Soul blade, Mystical, and shadow ninjas.

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    Default Re: Whats The Strongest Ninja Weapon And Where Do I Get It?

    Yoshinator knows what he is talking about. Let me give you complete overview though.
    Skip to 3 if you just want to know what works best with what.

    1. The best weapons are:

    1) Shadowblade of Soulpower: Best ninja weapon for pve
    2) Shadow blade of mysticism: Best ninja weapon fro pvp
    3) Ninja Balloon weapon : Very good at pvp and pve

    2. If you have these three you are pretty much set for any situation. No other weapons, especially sc weapons can really compare.
    Shadowblade of mysticism gives you the highest damage in the shortest amount of time
    Shadowblade of soulpower will give you the most damage in pve since there are so many mobs that spawn. Ninja balloon weapon works great for countering mysticism.

    3.These cover the weapons you should use depending on what weapon your opponent ueses in pvp
    You should note that no matter what, in PVE soul power is the best weapon.
    Mysticism > than any other weapon (minus balloon weapon)

    Balloon weapon > than mysticism (you have to stun them when they activate their special), though balloon weapon doesn't do as great against other weapons.

    Soul power > than all other weapons except Mysticism and and balloon weapon ( It does do exeptionally better against shadow armies than ballon or mysticism.)

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