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    Default Warrior Question

    I just finished level 20 Wizard and it was quite easy, but I'm having a problem with the Warrior everytime I do combat with the Warrior my health and energy drop like crazy, I bet I've went through 25 things of potion doing the quests and trying to level up in this job. Can some plz tell me why this keeps happening and how to fix it. I never had this problem with the wizard job so I don't know what to do. I've tried different shards and jewelry as well as weapons and clothing but nothing seems to work. I want to do the med. and harder combats but I can't, I'm stuck doing the easy ones until I can get some help.

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    Default Re: Warrior Question

    Try swapping your shards/rings/necklaces to get the most Health/Energy bonuses.
    Use less special attacks...not the best answer I know but the Warrior's attacks drain Energy quick.
    I run out of Mana a lot on Warrior but I learned if I don't care about getting a KO or two it's a good way to get a full heal

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    Default Re: Warrior Question

    Being out of mana was a dear friend of mine playing Warrior.

    I just used my stun the most then just auto attack.

    For shards and jewelry.. I used all health or defensive stats.

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    Default Re: Warrior Question

    Fighting with a group can be a good way to gain levels as well.

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    Icon5 Re: Warrior Question

    I had that problem to on both of my characters (1 on 16 warrior other 7) If you know this and you did not do it yet do it. Upgrade your weapons armor and special abbilitys use your stardust to upgrade just go ;ress the button next to inventory button then press the star and choose click since thats a strong move and upgrade it.But you will need to have enough stardust hoped that helped.

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