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    Default Looking for Battlers

    I am looking for battlers to join the free realms dueling league, anyone interested
    Come and join the Free Realms Battling League, just PM me or reply to my thread in the Contests forum

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    Default Re: Looking for Battlers

    I'm interested I am level 20 archer
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    IGN: Thalassa found on Server 2 and 4 roaming with my puppy Luna
    CAUTION: Fangirling ahead

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    Default Re: Looking for Battlers

    O.O i wanna do that im MAX NINJA my characters name's are Isabella1 Glitterpaws and Frizz. add me on Isabella1 Glitterpaws Please

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    Default Re: Looking for Battlers

    sounds cool I'm a level 20 ninja, wizard, archer, and warrior (and adventurer but it doesn't count)

    I'm currently working on Brawler and I'm a level 13 there.

    Add me on FR I'm Brian Lavafortress

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