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    Default Free training or little cost!

    Hey for all you ppl out there who want to become stronger at archer, brawler, ninja, warrior, wizard, or medic then talk to my brother Brenner Quieteyes in teh game. He can train you to be the top fighter (as himself.) He is top level fighter in every thing and can even help you with Kart driving, cooking, soccer, postman, and TCG. And I myself, can also train you as a Ninja or a Warrior. So if you need help training then add my brother in the game. Thx.

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    Default Re: Free training or little cost!

    There is no way one can help level up another. Dueling other people does not give exp. How would this work?...
    IGN: James Bigpeach

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    Default Re: Free training or little cost!

    Cool, I'll add him in the game because I really need some help with my Ninja, I'm a level 13 Ninja only ... heh!!

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