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    Icon1 Duel weapons and pve weapons

    For pve(i tested all),the best weapons are:

    brawler-atlas hammer of rumbling(the best,i did 60k dmg one time):it is good with more than 4 mobs cause the dmg increase with the number of mobs

    archer-raptor bow of firebomb:now it hits only max 8 times,but archer have lucky shot and if you hit 20 mobs*8=160 hits=>you restore the energy very fast

    ninja-shadow blade of soul power:regain energy and health,very usefull with many mobs

    medic-shockrod of regain 2372 hp,so you will die hard .it is usefull when you fight with a strong boss or mass of mobs

    warrior-warlord axe of command/warcry:command double dmg and active shield for 5 sec,but warcry double dmg and increase health.i prefere warcry

    wizard-wand of firestorm:3*4732 dmg

    For pvp(duel) the best weapons are:

    brawler-atlas hammer of rage:double dmg and shield,but when the opponent use shadow armies,alarm rumbling its better

    ninja-mystical power/shadow armies/soul power:depend what weapon use your opponent

    archer-raptor bow of blizzard:freeze the opponent 3 sec with special atack and sometimes with normal atacks.with blizzard i defeated many archer with briarsting bow

    wizard-glaciers/transmutation:same with blizzard

    warrior-axe of command:same with rage

    medic-shockrod of triage:some people say alarm is better,but with triage you die hard


    Danny Regalsaber

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    Default Re: Duel weapons and pve weapons

    thanks for the advice for what weapons I need
    - that was actually really funny (: but i don't like you. therefore i shall not laugh.

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    Default Re: Duel weapons and pve weapons

    Amazing Guide! I can't wait to get the weapons and use them

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