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    Default Brawler, abilities?

    I have a question about the brawler abilities...
    there is an option to make the abilites (leg sweep, rock throw, pummel and enrage) even more effective by putting stars in them.
    So my question is, which ability should I spend my stars on first? I think I should wait until level 15 so I can spend them on enrage but I want to hear your suggestions

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    Default Re: Brawler, abilities?

    By level 15 you should have enough stars to fill up 2 1/2 full 4 star bars!

    I would suggest putting some into or filling Leg sweep and Pummel first because it would be helpful when you use the timed buff then the abilities.

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    Default Re: Brawler, abilities?

    I think it all depends. If you want to do well right now, spend it on the abilities you use right now, so that you can earn more stars by performing better in the quests. Or you could save up and wait until you level up and then fill up the stars of the later abilities.

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    Default Re: Brawler, abilities?

    be very careful with the stars i accidently dumped all of them into an ability instead of spreading them out lol

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    Default Re: Brawler, abilities?

    I filled all four stars on leg sweep and rock throw first - then later I filled 3 stars on Pummel waiting to earn enrage and then filled three of those stars (the first three stars take less stardust than the 4th one) - then I went back and filled the fourth star on Pummel and finally did the last star on enrage. That gave me good fighting power while I leveled up.

    I was putting stardust in as I earned it, but on my first two combat jobs that I reached level 20 on I did not get enough stardust to fill the final star, and I had to get a ref to fix it. The rest of the combat jobs I have not put anything into that last star until I had the 3175 stardust required to fill it. That worked just fine - don't know if it is a full system glitch, or if I was just "special" (hehe) but that was my method.

    I think you have to decide what works best for you and do it that way.

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