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Title: Balloon Bow

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    Default Balloon Bow

    Im really into pvping with archer and plan to go big with pvp and i think archer is the best with me so.. is balloon bow the best weapon that is available atm? If so could someone tell me what it does? Like what kind of attacks it has and how much damage they do? Also how much do they go for?

    Thanks for your time

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    Default Re: Balloon Bow

    Well, The best weapon for archer is (was, actually) the old SC weapon. Now, I'd go with Volleys. It has continuous damage, which can hit enemies about 3 times.

    Balloon weapons are only good for weak combat jobs like Wizard (Which is called Balloon Wand, you can buy it from my shop). I wouldn't suggest getting the bow, since archer is quite strong.

    The bow is not old enough to be worth lots of coins. So most people won't sell them now, probably after the new year.


    This is the picture of the Balloon Wand. The Balloon Bow has same damage/effects.
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    Default Re: Balloon Bow

    one thing that's good to decide now, is what style you use. some weapons deal more damage with their special, but have weak attacks. like weapons that strike twice but can double the damage with the special. since the other person's defense block each attack it won't do much damage. but when you activate the special, whole new story. or you could do a weapon that stuns. but I think Ciha is right, the old sc weapons were the best. they do more damage than normal with either of the attacks.
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    Default Re: Balloon Bow

    In duels, I would personally use the Balloon Bow. Its ability to stun with either attack can be quite handy in reducing damage you take, and its Super Attack deals a few thousand more damage than the Bow of Blizzards. Although, I usually try to stun my opponents anyway, if a damage multiplier isn't available.
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