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    Default Archer gripe.. grr

    I brought this up on the other forum.. but I would really like if they added something back to Exploding Arrow. It used to have a KB (knock back) on it.. and for whatever reason they removed it making it exactly like Multi-Arrow. It would be nice if they altered it so we have 5 unique skills as the other jobs do.. the way it is Archer has 4.

    What are my suggestions for it?

    * Add a Fire DoT (damage over time)
    * Increase the damage, since it requires a higher level to unlock than Multi-Arrow.
    * Make it like the Warriors fear skill.. only instead of being afraid the fire could cause the mobs to run around on fire until it wears off.

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    Default Re: Archer gripe.. grr

    Yes this is true for my archer I would like the moves to be stronger but I just fuse shots to double the damage. Also I think they shud update it and make like 3 more moves for each class.

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    Default Re: Archer gripe.. grr

    I agree fully, It's a reason why my Archer is level
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    "Oh you can't help that," said the Cat: "we're all mad here. I'm mad, you're mad."
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    Default Re: Archer gripe.. grr

    Like this Idea / Gripe....I also DISLIKE that there are FEW hats availible for THEM in general !! Im level 20+(second acct / but both 20+on archer) and with the price changes can not yet afford a BLACK hat AND the darn BOW STRING prices at all.
    Thats 12,000 for the Bow string and 9,000(min) for the hat!
    Its kinda ridiculous!!
    ALSO my first account had to give my second one a hat and the TOP LEVEL...
    it had was....get this 15.

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