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A game update this morning brought about an exciting new event to add to the fun of Snow Days; Twelve Days of Presents!

For the next twelve days, you can log into Free Realms and complete a challenge to earn a present that can be opened on the 25th. Here are more details from the article on Free Realms:

Every day from December 13th through the 24th we will be adding a new challenge to the game. Complete each challenge on the first day it is offered and you get a present with its bow. On December 25th, log in to open your presents! What's even cooler is that you get a bonus “Big Present” for every 4 of the daily presents you are able to open. Complete all 12 daily challenges, get 12 bows, and you'll get a total of 15 presents! If you miss a challenge on any of the days, you can still complete the challenge and earn your present, you'll just need to buy a bow from the Marketplace in order to open it. Visit Snowhill each day and complete the challenges as they become available to get your bows for free! Don't forget to check the special offers and deals for all of your favorite SOE games! You never know what you might find...sales, new items, or new features!

Make sure you log in every day to complete the challenge and earn a present!



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