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First of all, we would like to extend a thank you to all of our wonderful entries for our recent Weekly Contest. We had some great suggestions for a new hangout in Sunstone Valley for everyone at FRI to enjoy.

Please help us extend a big congratulations to FRI member Nocturne, for selecting the next "Insider Rock," and winning a prize of $15 Station Cash. This time we don't have just one rock to crowd around on, we have two fabulous sunstone rocks! When describing this location Nocturne wrote: "Convenient, spacious, it's a non-combat area (so nobody has problems with getting knocked out), nice view both day and night, easy access... what more could be wanted?"

The location is easy to find, located right near the "Rumble Ridge" warp stone. If you head North-west of the warp stone, you will quickly find two large rocks by the Sunstone Valley greenery--in this case a lonely tree. We circled the approximate location on the map below.

We checked out our new hangout quickly today, and think it will serve as a great party location for many events planned by FRI staff and members alike. It would also be a fantastic place just to meet up and select quests to help each other with being so closed to many activities. As Nocturne put it so elegantly "It's a good people-watching spot (unless you picked a nearly empty server, as I did to take the pictures), a good resting spot -- so why shouldn't it also be a great meeting spot?"

We hope to see everyone at this brand new location as we continue to enjoy Sunstone Valley and all it has to offer. Don't forget to check out our latest Weekly Contest, and we would encourage everyone to check out the newest hangout and start planning your next event!



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