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While players are still exploring the newly released Sunstone Valley, some members are starting to look forward and ask "What's next for Free Realms?"

Luckily, the Free Realms team is ready to talk the next "expansion chunk" at SOELive this year. For those of you who are unfamiliar with SOElive (previously known as "fanfaire"), it is an annual get together for players of all SOE games. The event features costumes, meeting developers and community teams, and getting to know players across the many games published by SOE - including Free Realms!

While each the panels for the various SOE games are sure to be interesting and informative for players on the design process of Free Realms, "Designing Sunstone Valley" will have many players on the edge of their seats and eager for more information.

According to the description posted on, the panel will feature some in-depth discussion about Sunstone Valley. This will include what the update the design goals for the update were, and how they were achieved. Afterwards, the team will be "Discuss[ing] the second expansion chunk, "Ponyvale" (name pending), while giving players a special sneak peek of the new zone." Finally, in true Free Realms tradition there will be an Q&A with the developers, and a chance to design a cool new item for the expansion.

Free Realms panels at SOELive this year will also feature "Making Free Realms Fun!" Hosted by Floyd Bishop, Ryan Shannon, Eric Hankins, and Tiffany Spence; "The Animation of Free Realms," hosted by Floyd Bishop; and the previously mentioned "Designing Sunstone Valley," hosted by Ryan Shannon, and Eric Hankins. Registration for SOELive closes on September 30th.

It looks like Sunstone Valley was only the beginning of new adventures for Free Realms players. Stay tuned to for further information, and be sure to watch for more SOElive information as it becomes available.



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