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Many of our members may be aware of Sony Online Entertainment's plan to move the european servers to their European partner "ProSiebenSat.1 Games," As this move continues to go forward SOE has released some new information on how players will be purchasing in-game items, memberships, and play time.

SOE has released a notice that Pre-paid Station Cash cards will be removed from European retailers as of July 20th. Along with retailers no longer selling these pre-paid cards, European Free Realms players will need to redeem all station cash before July 23rd.

Should you have any difficulties redeeming a pre-paid card before July 23rd (2012) players are encouraged to contact SOE's support at: . Please note that any cards purchased or traded for after July 23rd will no longer be redeemable in European countries.

Moving forward, players will be required to use new methods of payment coming soon using their new ProSibenSat.1 Games. Stay tuned to for further details as they are released.



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