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Today's update did not bring the now highly anticipated Gloam Invasion, as it is still scheduled for this upcoming week. Instead small updates and hot-fixes were applied to the game.

Players were surprised to find a new "Dark Flower Island Shirt" in their mailbox. The description of the item encourages players to "Make every Friday an Island Shirt Friday."

The item has been found in users' mail box in Free Realms. Many paying members are reporting that they have not received their "Dark Flower Island Shirt" at all, while others are reporting receiving it on multiple characters. At the present time, it is recommended that players log onto the main character that they wish to redeem the shirt on, these shirts may be limited to one per member.

The "Dark Flower Island Shirt" will be available to all players currently subscribed to the "life-time membership." and those who choose to purchase the 3-month summer membership pass to Free Realms.

Members who are currently subscribed to a previous monthly plan may still purchase the summer pass, according to the fine print the remaining time left on your membership will be converted to station cash after your purchase of a summer pass.



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