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Things are starting to heat up this summer in Free Realms. Many of you will recall the producer's letter and mention of Sunstone Valley arriving this summer. Thanks to the SOE Team at E3 2012, there are some exciting details emerging about the update and incoming changes to Free Realms.

Sunstone Valley now has a target release of "by the end of summer." While players may be disappointed that it won't be arriving anytime soon, there are some interesting developments in story line for Free Realms. SOE also provided a little tease of what to expect in Sunestone Valley. The same mini-games will be available, but new collections, quests, and areas to explore will be all available when it is released this summer.

According to the E3 coverage by SOE, there new content on the way this week! The events leading up to Sunstone Valley will be filled of some exciting changes, and a cool story line to satisfy those interested in Free Realms Lore.

The "Lore" of Free Realms is one aspect many older players have been asking to be addressed. There has not been a story line to complete since Chapter One was released in June 2009.

The Event titled "Gloam Invasion" takes place in Shrouded Vale. The area has been renamed Shrouded Gloam and will feature fire and destruction throughout. This event will feature a unique story line, where you can choose to side with the Druids or Dwarves taken refuge in Shrouded Gloam.

One last feature added will be the "Open World Combat" in Shrouded Gloam. The Combat will no longer be instanced in this area; instead you will be able to participate in combat with other players in the middle of the road! Rest assured that nothing bad will happen should you get knocked out.

Sounds like Free Realms players are in for an exciting summer!



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