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Members will be pleased to hear the popular "Mystery Chests" added to Free Realms will soon have some new special items added. Free Realms has revealed through their newest "Super Secret Stuff" video that the second series of items will be coming soon to Free Realms.

The second series of Mystery Chest items will feature a sci-fi theme. Items featured in the video above include a Robot Boombox, Sci-fighter Outfit, Alien Outfit, and the very cool Alien Spaceship Ride. While we do not know when these items will be available we hope it will be soon.

Currently the Mystery Chest items feature an exclusive Kangaroo Mount, Hoverboots, Zoot Suit, and more. It is unknown if these items will continue to be available through Mystery Chests once the second series is released, or if these items will be retired from the chests altogether.



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