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Many of our members here at have been wondering "what's next for Free Realms?" Players will recall that the last update to bring new game play was back in August 2011 with the farming update. Other updates have brought new design to the beginner players zone; a new release of duelist quests and cards; and smaller updates to the farming feature and items.

With the third birthday of Free Realms on April 28th, many were left to wonder when the next update would arrive. Luckily the Free Realms Producer Captain Flametalon (a.k.a. Harvey Burgess) was also considering the same problems. His most recent producer letter has brought some much needed insight to what players can look forward to over the next few months.

First of all, although anticipated by members to release earlier this year The Ranching feature has been scrapped for the time being. The team was not happy with the way it progressed, and just didn't find the feature to be as fun as it could be. Ranching is still being considered according to the letter, and has been taking right back to the drawing board to be redesigned. Unfortunately it doesn't look like Ranching will be coming to Free Realms anytime in the near future.

However, that doesn't mean that there is no new content on the way. Many players will be quite thrilled to hear that the plan is to release Sunstone Valley this summer. The team has gone back and tweaked the area and now feel it is almost ready to be released. This feature has been long awaited by Free Realms players and will be the first location added to Free Realms if all goes to plan.

Be sure to stay tuned to for the latest updates on Sunstone Valley, and updates on it's release date as available. It looks like it will be a great summer for Free Realms!



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