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This Saturday, April 28th, Free Realms will officially turn three years old! Players across Free Realms have already kick started the grand event through the annual party bash added last week. This annual event features daily quests, a story line starting in Sanctuary, party themed items in both the Coin store and SC Shop, and of course the chance to take down Cakenstein!

Be sure to check out the special SC items, including the eight special cakes dedicated to each area in Free Realms. For the past two years when you purchased each cake, you received the "Boss cake" -- which turns players into the Festival Bosses -- for free.

In addition, Free Realms will be giving out a special "Birthday Cake Hat" (found in your inventory) to every player who logs in during the event! Be sure to log in and join with the festivities. There is lots of party fun to enjoy in Free Realms this week.

Happy birthday Free Realms from all of us at! What is your favorite Free Realms memory from the past three years?



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