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Snow Days decorations have arrived, and the start of the Holiday themed items has been made available in the SC shop. Now the question on everyone's mind is when will the quests finally arrive?

It looks like we have been given a sneak peek at the expected date. An advertisement recently added to Free Realms shows that Snow Days was scheduled to arrive on December 6th, and will be running until January 18th. Unfortunately, no one has seen any sign of the quest givers, evil gift snatching snow people, or the infamous abominable snowman!

There has been no announced update to Free Realms so far, and it may have been delayed slightly due to the technical issues earlier this afternoon. We do hope that all of the Snow Days features will arrive before the weekend. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available!

Updated (12/9 @ 6:30pm EST): Thanks to our fantastic members we are happy to report that Snow Days is now live on the servers! Go out and enjoy the fabulous holiday events that Free Realms has to offer.



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