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The Free Realms team has announced that the original maintenance for Accounts and Commerce will be extended into the afternoon. This will not affect your ability to play Free Realms, or interacting with your guilds and friends. It may, however, affect your ability to purchase items from the Station Cash store, Coin Market, and various vendors in Free Realms. Along with the ability to purchase and apply Station Cash to your account.

The SOE Team expects that this downtime will be lifted later this afternoon, until then we will have to be patient and wait to purchase any Snow Days items, or participate in the Charity Drive for Child's Play. Stay tuned for updates!

UPDATED (12/6 @ 3:25pm EST): Free Realms login servers have gone offline, meaning you will be unable to login and play for this time. This is part of an continued effort to address issues around the Commerce and Account area. It is still expected that this Maintenance will finish this afternoon, SOE local time (PST). We will bring you the latest updates as they are available.

UPDATED (12/6 @ 6:30pm EST): It appears that the servers are back online for the majority of players, and working correctly.



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