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No, it's not a typo. And no, it's not "Snow days" the popular Free Realms holiday, although that will be arriving sometime in the coming week. Show Days is an event hosted this month by Insiders guild member Aaron Esko, which will feature some unseen lots of the community!

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday throughout the week, members have the option to sign up and show off their brand new lot to the public! And it will be posted up here on the front page inviting the whole community to see it.

On each Sunday of the month (excluding the 25th) Aaron Esko will be inviting everyone to come and hang out at his new lot as well. Each of these lots are unseen by the public, and the event will feature a cool tour of the lot. I'm sure there will also be a party afterwards, because we Insiders love to party!

If you are interested in signing up for the Show Days events, please check out the thread HERE.



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