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SOE has announced that the "Live Gamer" services available to Vanguard, Everquest II, and Free Realms players will be retired next month. For those unfamiliar with this service, it allowed characters, coins, and items to be sold for real money. This feature was in a Beta phase for paying members of Free Realms since December 2009, and available to those who were 18, and lived in the United States only.

For those of you who currently have items listed, or have been considering listing something on Live Gamer within the next few weeks, it is important to make note of the dates found HERE. December 14th will be the official retirement date of these services, although many options will be unavailable shortly. As of November 21st players will be unable to list any items on the Live Gamer market, and all current items must be claimed by December 13th and placed back in your account.



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