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While I haven't been on Free Realms much myself recently, I have just been informed on a very important issue just this moment. As we speak, a new battle is raging on, and there's yet to be a victor. Thankfully, you the community is able to choose who it is Democratically via voting online.

The topic?


I love ponies. Especially unicorns. Unicorns are near and dear to my heart, really. And I feel that Free Realms has some of the best unicorns around online.

But now, begs the question: Who really has the best Unicorns? Of course, there's Free Realms, but there's one other online game that has some notable ones as pets: Wizard101.

Don't get me wrong, Wizard101 is a really great game! I feel both FR and Wizard are fantastic...But when it comes to Unicorns, there can only be one.

So, what are you waiting for? Cast your vote now for who you really feel deserves to win this victory over digital ponies.

If you do decide on Wizard101, do remember this: Free Realms' Unicorns pee rainbows and poops crystals. FR's lead animator Floyd Bishop hasn't been more proud!

We now return you back to your usual Free Realms Insider programming...



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