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Free Realms Players were happy to see the arrival of the annual "Spooktacular" event on the 13th. This annual event features the ability to trick-or-treat, scare NPCs, and battle creatures to earn candy, costumes, and more Halloween themed items! Items that were added include a Halloween Kart & Halloween Hoverboard. Many of the events and activities that will be taking place this year are the same. Some favorites that have returned include the "Vampire vs. Werewolf Dance-Off," The Halloween Quests in Pixiewood and the Bonebog cemetery, and of course the "Pumpkin Prince" world event where ghost and ghouls of all kinds show up. Most of the items currently in the Station Cash store are from previous years events. However, at the live stream hosted by SOE earlier this month new costumes would be available to players for this years celebration. It was not specified if these costumes would be available through quests rewards, or through the Station Cash store itself. Be sure to keep an eye on the latest Free Realms updates, as more tricks & treats will be added throughout the month until the end of Spooktacular in November!



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