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Free Realms fans in Europe can now explore and play Free Realms on their Playstation 3!  The Free Realms team has announced that Free Realms has just been released and is available for download. To play, you will have to access the Playstation Store and download Free Realms (for free). The game will take some time to install and update. Your character from the PC/MAC version will not be available to use on the PS3, you will have to start from scratch once you finish downloading the game.



Membership also does not transfer over. You can also purchase this using the Playstation Wallet, or a credit card.  Playstation trophies are enabled and can be earned through play, and you can communicate to other plays using your control with a virtual keyboard, a keyboard extension, or party voice chat.  Click HERE for the original release details about the PS3 version of Free Realms, for the latest information, be sure to visit our PS3 section of our forums HERE.



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