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School? Seriously? uuggghhhh...

School's back in session, Insiders! ...Yay?

yeah, ok, It's not quite the most wonderful time of the year, but Sony Online Entertainment has some things planned to help you beat those school-time blues!

Back To School Bonanza!

Today, Friday, September 2nd, marks the kick-off of Back To School Bonanza! During this Labor Day Weekend, you can earn double the Station Cash when you redeem any pre-paid SC cards (including Clone Wars Adventures cards) until Monday, September 5th! Also, keepin in the theme of school, you can save 50% off all "New School" items on the SC Marketplace! If you want to save on these deals, you better act fast as they'll go away on the 5th!
(Also, if you're a Clone Wars Adventures player, don't forget that they have their own massive back to school bonanza sale this weekend too!)

Free Realms Hall Pass!

Along with the Back To School Bonanza, Free Realms is introducing another membership pass!
Similar to the "Summer Pass" this past summer, SOE has a new Free Realms "Hall Pass" for those looking for another affordable membership solution to keep you company during is school term! For just $14.99, you'll get FR membership from now until December 31st! (at 11:59 PM Pacific time to be precise! In other words: It will expire just when the new year comes at the SOE offices!) It's not a bad deal considering that you get about 4 months of membership for $15 while monthly membership costs $4.99 and 3-month membership is $12.99. On top of that: You also get a bonus monthly allowance of 250 Station Cash per month (per account)! That would mean that you'd get an extra $10! (if calculations are correct: 4 months times 250 SC = 1000 SC!)

If you're already paying for membership, you can still buy the Hall Pass to get the bonus and, on top of that, any remaining membership time on the account will automatically be converted to SC and be put in your accont's wallet, so nothing goes to waste!

Already a Lifetime member? Even better: You'll automatically get the bonus 250 SC monthly allowance each month from the Hall Pass!


School's starting off with a bang, and Free Realms seems to be making it bigger! With additions to farming and ranching & diners coming soon, among other things, FR will help offer some fun during the first half of the school year!
...right after you finish your homework, of course!

Have a fun and safe Labor Day Weekend, Insiders! 



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