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Summer is almost over for most of our users, what better way to start the last kickoff to summer then with an event based on the popular summer game show "Wipe out" !  Users will compete on an obstacle course, trying to pass the challenges in their way and earn the best time.  The player with the best time will earn a great prize at the end of the event!




This event will be hosted by Resurgence member Benny Solarhammer on Saturday August 13th at 2:00pm EST || 1:00pm CST || 11:00am PST and will only last one hour! The event will take place at Benny Solarhammer's Lonely Island Lot.

Prizes for the top 4 times at the end of the event are as follows:

First Place:50,000 coins
Second place: 30,000 coins
Third place: 20,000 coins
Fourth place: 10,000 coins



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