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fanfaireWe have received reports from members receiving a special "fan faire" pack this evening. From the description of these packs, it appears they were originally intended to be exclusive to those who attended SOE's annual get together titled "Fan Faire" which took place earlier this month in Las Vegas. 

The Pack contains 200,000 coins, one "Fan Faire 2011" t-shirt, Lake Tree Lot (similar to fishing areas found around Free Realms), and a fire Pegasus pet and matching ride.  

Due to the original planned exclusivity of these items to those who attended Fan Faire 2011, we are unsure if these items will be remain available to all players, or removed from the game due to this apparent glitch and awarded correctly to those who did attend at a later date.

It is unknown at this time why these packs were sent out to such a large amount of players. 

UPDATE (11:10pm EST): According to Community Manager "Zatozia" the packs were awarded to members who normally would receive the exclusive "members pack" each month.  The items are free for players to keep and enjoy!  If you haven't claimed your pack yet, you are free to do so.  It does not automatically add these items to your account as membership packs have been added recently. To claim the pack you will have to go to your "Reward Claim" window (click the little gift box in the right-hand corner, this brings you to the screen right away) and press the "claim" button.

Those who did attend Fan Faire will be receiving an extra exclusive item in the near future.



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