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Earlier this week, Free Realms brought a new update to provide new content to the popular Farming Feature.  This update provided new items found in the Station Cash Market Place such as the Briarwoods Farm (pictured below). Other items have been added to increase the content and enjoyment for players, should they choose to purchase them for an additional cost.  Tools such as the Scarecrow, which can be purchased for 200sc, protect your farm from Pests. The Crop duster can be bought for 900sc and can tend to "the entire farm in one swoop."  Finally, the new Sprinkler can be purchased for 200sc and will keep a small area of plants watered.




Other items added include Briarapple (which is full grown in 6 hours) and Vaultberry (full grown in 1 day) seeds to add to your farm collections. The Vault berry is unlike other seeds Farmers have been able to create, find, and purchase in the past. This seed claims that you will be able to harvest special rewards at harvest time; unfortunately players have been reporting the vault berry is bugged and will not grow. At this point we do not know if the previous down time resolved this issue or not.  


Along with the item updates, the weeding system has been changed as well. Players are now reporting receiving chests after weeding that may include rare items (such as a Jester Hat) along with piles of coins which you now must click to collect.Farming changes also include an adjustment to the levelling system. Players have been reporting a change in item levels, making some items unavailable for them to use until they earn enough experience to reach the required level once again. The Scythe Tool has also been added, this tool allows you to remove seeds you have planted in the wrong place or if you change your mind on what to plant!

Other updates include interface changes. The chat box, quick chat, and emote tool tips have all been changed. This change makes the buttons more noticeable for players to interact with and use. Free Realms also released a new boom box titled the "Plant Dance Boombox." This boombox can make your plants dance!



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