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After a delay to the June membership packs and a long awaited update for July's member packs, we can now confirm that both should be waiting for members in game! These packs are awarded monthly to those with an active membership, and are in good standing with Free Realms. Each month features new items gifted to members based on a certain "theme." For example April's membership pack had farming items to provide members with a chance to try out some of the new farming update.


Member packs have arrived

Those who log in should receive the following item: June's membership pack included 10,000 coins and a Landshark item. While July featured a "July Sparkler" along with an additional 10,000 coins. Making for 20,000 coins in total for you to spend on farming, housing, or other fun things to do in Free Realms. These membership packs are exclusive to paying members, if you have bought your summer special membership pass you should receive this month's (July) membership pack as well.



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