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Late yesterday morning the Free Realms team announced that due to some issues with the farms in Free Realms, the housing server on the PC/MAC version would be taken offline. Fortunately due to the structure of Free Realms and it's server they were able to take the farms offline to work on these glitches, while leaving the rest of Free Realms intact for players to enjoy. At approximately 6:00pm PST the servers were brought back online for the evening with the hopes that the farming issues had been resolved.




Players are continuing to report issues with the new Vaultberry after yesterday's maintenance, and have been unable to get this plant to grow. At approximately 9:00am EST the farms and housing servers were taken offline once again. There has been no estimated time released to when it will return for players to enjoy, or any information released to why they were removed. We hope this down time will correct these issues with farming and it's new updated seeds. Stay tuned to for updates on the server situation!


UPDATE (11:20am EST):  The housing servers are back online once again. We have not received any word from players if the farming issues have been resolved.



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