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Are you a treasure hunter? Looking for something new to add to your collection? How about the Treasure of King Tut?  Okay, not really. But this is the title of a few new event hosted by Resurgence member Benny Solarhammer. This event will be hosted at their Wugachug Lot on Saturday July 23rd at 2:00pm EST // 1:00pm CST // 11:00am PST and will last about an hour and a half. The challenge? Get through the maze to earn the riches of King Tut! You will have to dodge traps and find your way through the false passageways.




Players who place in this event by completing the challenge (as determined by the host) will receive the following prizes based on the order they finish:

First place: 400,000 coins
Second place: 200,000 coins
Third place: 100,000 coins 
Fourth place: 50,000 coins
Fifth place: 25,000 coins
Sixth to ninth place: 5,000 coins
Tenth place: 1,000 coins


All prizes have been supplied by the host. We fully expect them to be awarded in a reasonable amount of time. However, the staff at FRI are not responsible for these prizes or making sure they are awarded to the respective winner, as always member hosted contests are entered at your own risk. For more information on the Resurgence movement  be sure to visit the group on our forums HERE. Stay tuned for more exciting events!



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