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Over the past few weeks members of the Insider Guild and community have started a new movement to increase guild participation and activities. This movement has been titled the "Insider Resurgence" and thanks to a core group of members from our guild, it has been a great success. 

The Staff at has expressed a great desire to help the Resurgence continue in a supporting way, while encouraging further participation and planning of events by members. It has always been our vision to eventually step back from the planning all of the guild events, allowing members to take a much stronger lead by planning and hosting what they would like to see.

Very shortly you will start to see these events featured on our Front Page. They will be open to all guild and forum members to join in (along with those who just like to read the front page), hosted by various members from our guild <Insiders>. It is the hope of these members (and the staff) that this will cause a resurgence in Insider Pride! Allowing members to invite friends once again to our forums, guild, events, and our wonderful community.


The Staff (and officers of the guild) have been hoping for this kind of Resurgence from the membership for some time. We are overjoyed that these members have made this part of our vision for the guild and community a reality, and we hope many more will join them in their cause for fun and good old fashion Insider partying! 

Stay tuned for the first week of the Resurgence...Coming soon, brought to you by the Recruits and Members of <Insiders>!



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