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Sony Online Entertainment's annual Fan Faire in Las Vegas is back and in full swing this weekend! And of course, there will be some Free Realms being represented there!  Of course, not everyone will make it down there while it's being held July 7th-9th, so we here at FreeRealmsInsider will be covering all the FR news and info coming from the event and showing you the live streams straight from Vegas!

What kind of Free Realms things are happening? According to their schedule, there's several FR panels with the SOE staff covering several topics like how they make the game, developing new gameplay like farming and the upcoming ranching, and how they animate pets and mounts! There's other behind-the-scenes stuff happening as well, like a panel with customer support and how to get into the gaming industry. And of course, this being an event hosted by and for SOE, other Sony Online are being shown off, like Clone Wars Adventures!

But the big event tonight is the kick-off keynote hosted by SOE's president John Smedley. Some big things have previously been announced at these keynotes, and it will actually be streamed again this year thanks to GameBreaker.TV! Their webcast begins at 6 PM Pacific time (9 PM eastern) with a pre-show and the actual keynote beginning an hour later at 7 PM Pacific (10 eastern). You can watch it over at their site, or right here below on the front page!

Update: The Community Address keynote is over! There were no FR news from there, but check back for other news to spring up later in the event!

SOE will also have several live webcasts on their Stickam feed so don't forget to check it regularly! It's live as of now! Check their Stickam page or once again right below to watch from our front page!

Update: Fan Faire is over! No more webcasts from the event will occur.

If you can't watch any of the live events, look out on SOE's YouTube page for them to be uploaded!

Stay tuned to for more Free Realms details coming from the big event as it comes!

Edit: Check back later for a general wrap-up of what happened at Fan Faire!



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