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ponderThe Free Realms Chief Referee Scarlet has announced another new policy change to come to Free Realms. Starting this week players will no longer be able to change their Character names daily. This is due to the overwhelming job it has become for the Referees to change player names at request, preventing them from helping with other issues that may really need the attention of the support team!    It was also noted that this policy change may be adjusted once again in the future, but this is the plan for now and they will be sticking to it.   


For now - be sure to pick a name you really like as you will be forced to stick with it for at least one week!



Head Referee Scarlet has posted on the official FR forums that another change has been made to the name changing system! While players are still granted the one character name change per week, SOE is now limiting name changes to Members only as well for the time being. This transition is an attempt to lower the demand for name changes so that Referees can get a better focus on other issues, and the range of time for how long the system will stay like this is unknown at this time.

Make sure you purchase Membership if you haven't already before requesting a character name change!



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