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scubaSummer is a great time to explore in the water, and Free Realms has made it even easier to look stylish while you explore the waters of Free Realms!  The Exclusive Scuba Outfit was originally exclusive to Referee Luau Parties, making these outfits extremely vaulable and rare. At each party you had a chance to earn a piece of the outfit by particpating in the event, although there was a good chance you would come away empty handed! You were also unable to choose which colour piece you would receive.

This popular outfit is now available to players in the Station Cash Store. You can purchase each piece individually (and have a smashing outfit of multiple colours) or you can purchase the outfit as a bundle set for 400SC (360SC for members). The Fins and Mask sell for 90SC individually and the Tank and Wetsuit sell for 180SC on their own.


This is one of many exciting new items to come this summer to the Station Cash store! Be sure to keep your eyes open for new fun items as well.



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