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The Electronic Entertainment Expo, otherwise "E3", has come to an end today. Since earlier this week, the entire video game industry has met up in Los Angeles, CA to show off their new gaming products.
Sony Online Entertainment was also there to show off some of their games, as well as give some attendees some fun green-screen souvenir photos of themselves placed in SOE's games, just like Free Realms' lead animator Floyd above sitting atop a t-rex ride! (you can check out SOE's Facebook page to see more fun pics!)

But E3 is all about big news and announcements, so what did SOE have in store for the show?

In general for Free Realms, nothing new was being shown off. Farming was shown off on their demo stations at the SOE booth, but it was pretty much the same farming you see in-game right now. However, some newer details emerged from E3, as seen from below from an interview with Floyd on GameSpot.

As mentioned in the video, there will be updates coming to farming soon that will feature scarecrows that will scare off pests (which we have seen before), a sprinkler system which will help water your crops, as well as little biplane that will fly over and spray your crops.
Ranching details were also mentioned: 5 creatures that's confirmed for you to raise at launch includes Pegasus, unicorns, ponies, t-rex, and dragons. Each will have a baby version, and you can raise them to be a pet or a mount. From what we understand: You can also have a baby version as a pet as well! It all works much like Farming where you have to collect samples (don't ask how: we don't either, nor does Floyd), and each animal is raised from an egg (even ponies. again: don't ask). No other details were mentioned for ranching, not even a release date (but is expected by the end of the year).

Additionally, there was a live webcast that occured this Wednesday from the show floor featuring interviews with various people from SOE, one of which included, of course, Floyd! The interview begins around 17:49 (click here to go directly to that section!). All the details mentioned in this interview are also mentioned above. Here's the full video below!

Aside from the new details, the interview goes on to other things, like the game's community, how Floyd animates characters in the game, player suggestion feedback, and more. One of which includes some ideas Floyd had for Free Realms, such as paintball/water guns and a sort of zombie-tag game where everyone infects each other. Note that those may never come, but sure sounds like fun! Be sure to watch the entire interview, or even the entire video! Especially if you enjoy other SOE games, like Clone Wars Adventures!


There's also one big piece of news that came from this webcast and confirmed from pamphlets SOE gave away at the expo: SOE's Station Access pass is going to get a $10 price cut and go from $29.99 down to $19.99 a month! If you play or want to play SOE's other games, this is definitely something you should check out, since it gives you game subscriptions across all of Sony Online Entertainment's games, including Free Realms and Clone Wars Adventures! Considering that the subscriptions for all the SOE games cost about $100 a month, $20 is not a bad deal! This seems to be another step for SOE to help gain players' trusts back with huge discounts, as such with the past first-ever triple Station Cash event, and hopefully there will be more discounts soon!


That's all the news we got from E3 for now! Tune back for additional E3 coverage as it comes in! What do you think of the news so far?



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