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Sorry kiddo: You can't spend THAT much Station Cash!

Looking to spend a ton of Station Cash this weekend on SOE's games during their first-ever TRIPLE Station Cash event this Memorial-Mania Weekend? Well, hold on there, cowboy!: You should know that there's some limits to how much SC your Station account wallet can hold, as well as how much you can spend!

Over on the official Free Realms Forums, Zatozia has posted a little Frequently Asked Questions post addressing some things people may be wondering about. One thing many may not know is that there's some limits on Station Cash that you may not be aware of, especially since many players don't go through this much SC.

One is that your wallet has a maximum balance limit of 20,000 SC ($200.00 USD). You cannot go over this total, so if you you have a card that will go over that balance, you will not be able to redeem that card. For example: Let's say that you already have 15,000 SC in your Station accont wallet. If you want to redeem your $25 SC card this weekend: You can't, since triple of that will be $75 worth in SC, or 7500 SC. That would bring your balance to 22,500 SC, which is well over the $200 limit. You would have to spend 2500 SC first before redeeming the card.

If you have bought multiple cards that will bring you well over $200: Best you consider making purchases now so you can redeem all the cards this weekend, otherwise you would have to hold them off for another SC event.

Also: Be aware that you can only spend a maximum of 15,000 SC ($150) on purchases within a 24 hour period. In other words: You cannot spend all $200 worth of SC in you wallet in an entire day. You would have to wait for the next day to make more purchases if you wish.

For more info on Station Cash limits, click here.

For more on the Memorial Mania FAQ section, click here.

Reminder: This promotion ends until the end of the day on May 30th at exactly 11:59 PM PDT. To see when that is in your time zone, check here. Any SC cards redeemed after then will not be tripled in value.



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