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Happy Memorial Day Weekend, Insiders! And to celebrate, Sony Online Entertainment's Memorial Mania has officially kicked off and running through is entire weekend!

SOE has a few things up their sleeve for you to celebrate! First of all, there's of course their first-ever TRIPLE Station Cash event! Don't forget to pick up and redeem those SC cards this weekend for three-times it's original value! 

Note however that there are some restrictions on Station Cash that you may want to be aware of.

But that's not all! There was an update for Free Realms this morning that brough in a few cool things! 

First up: There's a new special pack available to purchase in the SC Marketplace! This new "Memorial Day Pack" includes a full Uncle Sam outfit (Uncle Sam top hat, jacket, pants, and shoes), 5 USA flags for your house, and 1 USA T-Shirt! All together, that's a 1300 SC value, but just for this weekend: It's only a mere 400 SC! If you don't already have these items and want to be patriotic in-game, go pick it up!

Also, for those who have missed out on the Spring Chicken Pack back in April during the SOE Super Fan Spring Fever event, it's back! (According to this post community manager Zatozia posted on the official forums) In this pack, it includes a Spring Chicken Costume, a Spring Chicken Pet, Spring Chicken Pet Pal, and 20 Spring Chicken housing items, all of which you can use the "Color Your Own" feature for any specific color you want! While it's all valued at 2000 SC, it's back once again for just 500 SC! If you're looking to get more chickens in other colors, hold up: It seems that it was actually removed from the SC Marketplace! There's currently no word on the status of these Spring Chicen Packs...

But what about the birthday? As some may have noticed: The Free Realms Birthday decorations and such have been removed recently after the servers have gone back up. Well, the FR team at SOE has brought it back, and some things have been fixed!

Yes: The "Perfecting The Batter" quest for the Birthday Bash has been fixed! You can now click Glerga's cake to finally continue on to defeating Cakenstein! If you haven't already: Go on and work on the birthday quest line!


That's it for now! What do you think about the update and all the Memorial Day festivities? Don't forget that you have until the end of May 30th to make use of these Memorial Mania deals!

Hope you all have a fun and safe Memorial Day Weekend, Insiders! 



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