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Ever since the servers came back up, Sony Online Entertainment has updated their Wordpress blog with new producer letters from the different SOE games. 

For Free Realms, FR producer Nick Parkinson (AKA "Glip the Gnome" on the official forums) has made a new letter to the players. This letter is a bit different than the previous producer's letter, which laid down what will be coming to Free Realms in the near future. Instead, this "Welcome Back" letter assures players that, even though the servers were down, the development team was still hard at work!

He even included a little peek at what the Free Realms team has been working on! Below you'll find a one of the new farm additions they'll be adding: A scarecrow! As for ranching: They're working on that too! Check out what you can potentially raise in the soon-to-come ranches: Baby unicorns!

Scarecrow(Click for larger view!)

Baby Unicorn Sketch(Click for larger view!)

Ranching Unicorn(Click for larger view!)

Note that these are still a work in progress and may not represent the final product.

If you'd like to read the entire Producer's Welcome Back Letter, Click Here!

What do you think of these litle sneak peeks? Excited for the new farming additions and ranching?



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