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Free Realms is officially back online!

Log on and say hello to your friends, farms, and pets!

As a gift, Free Realms has given an extra 45 days of membership to all members with a Station Account who were in good standing before May 2, 2011. Lifetime members can claim 20,000 coins in lieu of gametime since they are not on a recurring billing cycle.

ALSO, Free Realms is gifting each player in Free Realms a gift each day for the next seven days.

The line-up is as follows:

Day 1- Sandy Beach Lot

Day 2- Oasis

Day 3- Basic Swimming Pool

Day 4- New School Dragon Blade

Day 5- Jackpot Plant

Day 6- Large Launchpad

Day 7- Pirate Ship

In addition, LIfetime Members will be able to claim a Lonely Island Lot!

We can't wait to see you all back in game! Enjoy your weekend back in game and lovely new gifts! 

For more news, check out the Official Free Realms article here. 



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