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While Free Realms still has not been brought back online for Computer or Playstation3 players, SOE recently announced details to the promised "Make Good" program.  This program is designed to compensate players in their loss of game time and subscription time due to the recent attacks.

All players who currently hold a expiring membership (non-lifetime) to Free Realms will be receiving 30 days of play time added to their cycle, in addition to one day added for each day the network was down. This will be true for both Computer based and PS3 based players. Free Realms will also be gifting each life-time membership account with 20,000 coins.

Station access subscribers will receive 500 station cash in addition to the free items and game time listed to their subscribed games,  this is exclusive to the pass.

To make up for the loss time Free Realms will also be hosting a 7 day free item give away. The items which will be given to players have not been revealed yet, so be sure to log in when Free Realms does come back online. There is a list of giveaways in each game within the SOE universe HERE.




For those of you who have been wondering about the Birthday and "Member Bonus Bonza" events, Free Realms official Facebook page has noted that both events will be extended past the original end date. This way all players will have a chance to participate in the events who may not have finished before the servers went down.

Finally - do not worry about your Farms.  The Free Realms team has also assured players that their farms will be looked after.



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