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We recently reported that the SOE and PSN networks would remain down for the weekend. While many members had hoped the new week would bring some good news, we can now confirm that the SOE network will remain down today.  There is still no estimate to when Free Realms will be available for members to play.  SOE assured everyone once again that bringing Free Realms (and many other games also effected) back online is a huge priority and work is still being done to make this goal a reality.

Free Realms Maintenance


The Play Station Network recently released a statement found HERE regarding their continued downtime.  As many members are aware the PSN has been offline since April 20th due to suspected attacks.  It is now estimated that full services will be restored on May 31st, 2011. Although it is the companies hope that online game play may be restored at a earlier date - it is noted to be the first phase of the restoration process.


Stay tuned to for the latest updates on the status of Free Realms.



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