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Looking to get even more Station Cash? Well, here's two new promotions from SOE that will get you the most out of your buck!

In light of the emergency maintenence last week, SOE looks to make it up to PC/Mac players with another Double Station Cash event!

Yes, we did just have one last week, but again: SOE wants to make it up to players who may have found the interruption inconventient by giving everyone a second chance at doubling your Station Cash!

For only 24 hours on Saturday, April 30th (specifically from 12:01 am to 11:59 pm PST), you'll have another chance to multiply your SC game card's face value by two! Got a $10 SC card? You'll get $20 worth if you redeem it this Saturday, and this Saturday only!

Check here for what kind of SC cards you can use! Note that purchases SC purchases via SMS are not a part of this promotion.

Need to pick up even more Station Cash? Well, if you're not a member yet in Free Realms, now is your chance to pick up additional SC when you become a member now!

During the New Member Bonus Bonanza, you earn bonus Station Cash based off what kind of membership you upgrade to, similar to the membership gifts last December:

  • Buy a 1 Month Membership to get 100 Station Cash
  • Buy a 3 Month Membership to get 250 Station Cash
  • Buy a 6 Month Membership to get 600 Station Cash
  • Buy a 12 Month Membership to get 800 Station Cash
  • Buy a Lifetime Membership to get 1000 Station Cash

Note however that, unlike the member gifts in December, current members will not earn these SC bonuses: They only apply to people upgrading.

If you haven't upgraded already, don't delay! This is for a limited time only, so go purchase membership to snag some extra SC!


Will you be upgrading or purchasing SC this weekend?



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