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The latest SOE Podcast recently came out, and there's a new webcast coming up tomorrow! So, here's a little SOE-cast overview!

First up: SOE's webcast series has something pretty cool this Thursday! This "Art Portal" webcast will feature several Sony Online Entertainment artists, including Free Realm's lead animator Floyd Bishop! If you're an artist, or just want to know more behind the scenes stuff, don't forget to check out this webcast! Check here for more details!

It all begins tomorrow, Thursday April 28th (Free Realm's Birthday!) at 4:00 PM PDT over at SOE' Stickam Channel. Remember that you'll need a free Stickam account in order to chat with us when the webcast goes live!

Update: The webcast has come and gone! If you want to watch the entire thing, check out the full 35 minute video below! Check out how Free Realms is animated, how the artists got their start, and much more!


Finally: Episode #108 of the SOE Podcast (The "Chatty-cast") is up for your listening pleasure! In this edition, Free Realms' producer Nick Parkinson (better known as Glip the Gnome on the forums) is interviewed! Want a rundown of what was mentioned? Here's a list!

  • Nick again mentions the upcoming ranching and diners that's yet to come in the future of the game
  • All of farming, ranching, and diners will be inter-connected. For example: You can feed what you grow on your farm to your ranch animals. However, you will not be able to feed what's in your ranch to your diner: Nick says "That's kind of not the direction we're going with that!" So, you don't have to worry about your cows and pigs to become burgers and bacon in your diner!
  • In terms of any new lands: Nick says that that's not the focus right now. They can certainly do that, but it takes a lot of effort to do such a thing. He argues that they could bring out a new land, and let players quickly go through that, or bring out other features that have a "longer lifecycle" that players can keep playing, like the farming/ranching/diners. "Those ultimately benefit the players and the game more." They would love to do something like a new land, but "it's not coming any time soon unfortinately."
  • He closes on that note with "But there's a lot of cool stuff that is coming that I think players will ultimately like more."
  • As far as new quests: There will be "some new quests" when there's new events going on. "In terms of like doing something like a Chapter 2 or something like that, not so much." 
  • On the topic of the PS3: "The reactions actually have been pretty solid on that. We've got a lot of good feedback and, to be honest, it's doing much better than we thought it would. We had high hopes, and it surpassed them."


That does it for the big details from the interview! Don't forget to check out the entire podcast, which also includes Ambassador Shirra and other fun! If you want to just jump into the FR interview and listen to it in it's entirety, click here! Otherwise, give a listen to the entire 40 minute show below!



That's all for now! What do you think of the podcast? Will you be watching the webcast?



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