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This Thursday, April 28th, Free Realms officially turns 2! And as of the last update last week, Free Realms has been celebrating and will be celebrating this occasion for weeks to come!

If you haven't already, go on in game to check out the new birthday quests to earn some new free birthday items! The main quest line begins in Sanctuary, so don't forget to start the birthday adventure there! Can you take down Cakenstein?
(Note: The "Perfecting the Batter" quest still appears to be glitched, as you can't click Glerga's cake in order to progress. Check back for any new details of this issue!)

Along with the new quests are the return of many SC birthday items! Many of last year's birthday Station Cash items are back, including the Birthday Crate, the Balloon Pet Pumper, and the 8 different cakes repersenting the 8 different areas in Free Realms! And, just like last year: if you purchase all the different cakes, you also get a bonus "Boss Cake" for free!

One new SC item however are the Gifting Pinatas! Much like the past gifting items for the past holidays like the Gifting Basket or Gifting Tree, this housing item will grante you one free gift every day for 30 days when you put it down in your housing and click it!

All of these will be be on-going in Free Realms for several weeks, but there will be some fun festivities to celebrate the actual birthday of Free Realms on the 28th! According to the SOE podcast, the community team at FR will hold a party every hour in each area of the game! If this is much like the same event last year, the Ambassadors will hold a party every hour starting from 9:00 AM Pacific Time and will be moving the party to each of the eight different lands in Free Realms every hour! Hope you can attend to help commemorate this day!

Man, can you believe that it's been 2 years? Crazy! What's your favorite memory in the game this past 24 months?

From all of us at Free Realms Insider: Happy 2nd Birthday Free Realms! Looking forward to many more years of the game, SOE!



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