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Missed the last webcast SOE had to celebrate Free Realms' 2nd birthday? Well, here's a little recap of what happened!

FR's new community manager Zatozia hosted this event and had a few special guests along, including Referee Ruby, Ref Crimson, FR's lead animator Floyd Bishop, and others in the community and development side of the game. They all discussed a few things looking back on the past year or so in Free Realms, such as fun events and other memories the staff had. 

One other thing thrown in there was the FR's actual in-game birthday celebration: As there was some downtime all across SOE's games, sites, and forums, the birthday update that was rescheduled to today was further pushed again until tomorrow at the same time: 7:30 AM PDT. Note that if they cannot get the update back up by Friday, the update may be delayed until Monday.

Towards the end, Free Realms' producer Nick Parkinson AKA Glip The Gnome on the official FR forums sat in to talk about what's coming up next in the game. He mentioned that ranching and diners are coming soon, but didn't give a date. He stressed that "it's not coming in next week, or the week after that" but that they are "longer-term plans". The news of this is nothing new, as it was mentioned in his letter to the players a few weeks back, but he did confirm that ranching would come first, then diners, as well as that "there's lot to look forward to".
The other thing he added was that something will be coming for "fans of music", there's "pretty cool stuff coming...this summer", mentioning "concerts and that sort of thing". However, that's all he could say for now, and the webcast came to a close after that.

Want to watch it yourself? Here's the full 19:05 minutes below!


Did you watch? What did you think? What will you be looking forward to this year?

Happy (early) 2nd Birthday, Free Realms!



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