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Free Realms is turning 2 this April 28th, and to celebrate, SOE is holding a webcast!
Nope, it wont be held on the 28th, it's happening Thursday, April 21st at 4:00 PM PDT!

Tune in at Sony Online Entertainment's Stickam channel when the show goes live to watch this special webcast, which includes a look back at the past and a visit from a few special guests! This webcast is expected to last about 20 minutes.

Just remember that if you want to chat with us while the webcast is going, you'll need a free Stickam account to do so! Need to know when it will go live in your timezone? Try checking here to see when 4:00 PM Pacific Time will be for you!

Can't make it? Check back here after the show for a recap of what happened, and most importantly any new details mentioned!

Will you be watching? What are you looking forward to during the webcast?

Edit: Here's the live feed! Watch now live right here on the front page of! Don't forget that you'll need a free Stickam account in order to chat live with us!

Webcast is over! Check back for a recap of the show and the full video (when it's uploaded)!



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