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Free Realms will be down for Maintenance tomorrow at 7:30am (PST).  The game will be down for approximately 2 hours while the Free Realms team applies an update and preforms maintenance to the servers.

There are currently no details on what this update will bring, although we do expect the Free Realms Birthday Party to arrive soon. Stay tuned to for all the details as they arrive!


UPDATED (April 20th @ 5:15pm EST):  Free Realms has moved it's mainteance forward to Thursday April 21st at 7:30am (PST). It is still estimated that this update will take approximately 2 hours while they apply the updates.   We can now confirm that this update will be bringing The Free Realms Birthday Party Quests. It will also fix a number of Farming Bugs.

UPDATE: (April 21st @ 3:22pm EST)  Free Realms has gone down for Emergancy maintenance. There is no word to when the servers or SOE forums will be available for players to use once again.  Stay tuned to for future updates.  

Update:(April 21st @ 5:09 PDT) According to the latest webcast, the upate has been once again delayed until tomorrow, Friday, April 22nd at 7:30 AM PDT due to the recent SOE-wide emergency maintenance that occured this morning, affecting all of SOE's sites, forums, and games. At this point, and the game itself appear to be functional, while the official forums are still not. SOE has not said what was the reason for this emergency maintenance. Note that if this update doesn't come by Friday, it may be delayed until Monday...



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